Art Walk at the Children’s Museum Aug 13, 2016

Another hot day in August.  A new addition to this Art Walk event was the entertainment courtesy of Bravo Academy of Music.  The students were amazing. The choice of music was very good as they played a little rock and a little pop.

Here are pictures of the event.

Welcome to the La Habra Children's Museum

Welcome to the La Habra Children’s Museum



Adam Schaudenecker, guitarist, singer, composer and professional pizza eater.

20160813_185026 20160813_185001
The Bravo Academy students were amazing.

20160813_184938Micehelle the Apron Lady and Suzanne the Baker.


Art was ready to talk about American First Credit Union


Adam sings his heart out.

Come to the Children’s Museum and visit me and my “pet.”

Mary of the La Habra Art Association waited for kids to paint on site.

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Jose took over greeting duties for his bank.

Amy Brick is looking for buyers and sellers of homes.  Talk to her about it.

20160813_185656 20160813_185717 20160813_185519 20160813_185444
20160813_185500 20160813_185345 20160813_185320

2 thoughts on “Art Walk at the Children’s Museum Aug 13, 2016

  1. Tom Hartley

    We got a flyer for your event from La Habra Senior Center. We tried to attend the event at Imperial Promenade on the corner of Imperil and Idaho at 5:30 PM on August 13th. There was nothing there. When was the event moved to The Children’s Museum? Where will the next event be?

    1. ArtMaster Post author

      Hi Tom,

      Sorry for the confusion. I was confused myself until the day before.
      This is a relatively new event and we are moving to different locations. The next event is on September 10th but the venue is still pending city permits. We will let you know as soon as we get the OKs.
      Thanks for your patience.

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