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Art Walk at the Tamale Festival 2016

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The La Habra Art Walk ended 2016 with a bang at the Tamale Festival on November 27, 2016. It was the most challenging event to date because it required a lot of coordination with the City of La Habra, the Tent company, and the booth sponsors. There was rain during most of the weekend.

Here are the pictures to prove it.


IMG_0017 IMG_0018

IMG_0023 IMG_0021

IMG_0020 IMG_0019

IMG_0028 IMG_0029

IMG_0030 IMG_0031

IMG_0032 IMG_0033

IMG_0034 IMG_0035

IMG_0036 IMG_0037

IMG_0038 IMG_0039

IMG_0040 IMG_0041

Here’s a quick video by Nathan Bernier:


IMG_0042 IMG_0043

IMG_0045 IMG_0048

IMG_0051 IMG_0052

IMG_0060 IMG_0063

IMG_0065 IMG_0069

tamale16-IMG_0014 IMG_0076

Tamale16-IMG_0016 tamale16-IMG_0015


Here’s one more video. A time lapse video:

Sept 10 Art Walk at the Mysterium Theatre

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Photo by Miguel Pola

It was supposed to be at the Children’s Museum but some last minute adjustments switched the location to the next door neighbor — the Mysterium Theatre. And wouldn’t you know it, Mysterium  moved its entire production to the the open air … right outside the Children’s Library.

I parked outside the streets and as soon as I got off the car, I heard people speaking with a British accent. I gazed over and I thought the Shakespear theater had moved in. It turned out that the Mysterium was doing an original re-write of Robin Hood. I looked around and did not see the rest of the Art Walk people so I decided to watch the play and draw caricatures of the actors. I also did a caricature of one of the audience who was visiting from Australia.

20160910_171728 20160910_171718 20160910_172110 20160910_172501

When the play was over I moved to the Mysterium and there the Art Walk people were. It had a  more cozy arrangement than the previous events. It was nice.


I wanted to do my caricatures as usual but I forgot to bring my chair and table.  I decided to enjoy going around and chatting with people.

Here are some pictures of the event. Courtesy of professional photographer Miguel Pola.

img_1817 img_1818 img_1819 img_1820 img_1821 img_1822

Of course we had our hand painted unique bowling pins up for auction.

img_1823 img_1824
Raoul Pascual of WYNK Marketing doing caricatures.

Amy Brick, the friendly Real Estate agent was one of the few sketched I made that day.



Lilia Milloy of Teoli Creations shows off her hand-made accessories, jewelries and outfits.
Phone: 714 470-5250

img_1827 img_1828 img_1829 img_1830 img_1831

Nadia Roldan, Illustrator and Art Educator makes whimsical artwork. She weaves stories around her artwork on her website:


Here are some pictures from my smart phone:


The La Habra Art Gallery encouraged people to do on-the-spot drawings. Luz does a little singing on the side.

20160910_193320 20160910_193450
Guitars made out of cigarette boxes and other unusual musical items were for sale.

20160910_193542 20160910_193559



Kathy Walters displays her gorgeous Halloween collection.
Phone: 562 696-5026


Oh Comadre Candles

Erica and Marcella Gomez had organic candles in various scents. Marcella constantly experiments with her products. Next time she says she will have Peppermint candles.
562 822-5137

20160910_194952 of In front of Buddy’s Garden (Native & succulent Plant arrangements, Special gift & Special Orders) with Doug, Kathy, Kel and Suzanne.

Kel Henderson
14122 Springdale St.
Westminster, CA 92683


Jeff Bernier, that suave, deboniar macho man and fishing coach and HS teacher serenades his number one fan — Michelle.